Expansión de la terminal de camiones Plains Midstream – Nipisi

Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd. (GLE) provided the civil, structural and mechanical design and construction support to two expansions at the Plains Midstream Nipisi plant in Northwest Alberta.

The first expansion involved constructing a truck terminal and product storage / blending facility where butane is blended with heavy crude prior to shipping in order to meet delivery specifications. Project scope included:

  • Perimeter fence with automated gate
  • Truck weighing scale
  • SCADA system to allow unmanned operation and unsupervised truck deliveries after normal hours
  • Two (2) heavy crude unloading risers, two butane/condensate risers with unloading pumps and vapour return lines
  • Two (2) new 3000 bbl tanks c/w booster pumps and berm sized to accommodate two (2) future 3000 bbl tanks
  • One (1) new 90,000 US Gallon butane bullet with provisions for seven (7) future bullets
  • One (1) 55,000 bbl condensate tank. Tank design was completed by others.
  • One (1) 80,000 bbl heavy crude oil tank. Tank design was completed by others.
  • Meter building complete with condensate and blend meters, densitometer, sampling system and proving taps
  • Trim building complete with turbine meters, densitometer, viscometer, static mixer and proving taps
  • MCC office / sample building

The second expansion involved the construction of two large API tanks to expand the storage capacity of the Nipisi Truck Terminal. Project scope included:

  • Tank pads for 150,000 and 130,000 bbl API tanks. Tank designs were completed by others.
  • Concrete dike that surrounded both tanks
  • Pipe rack and piping to connect the new tanks to the existing crude oil tanks
  • Transfer pumps
  • MCC building
  • Instrumentation and motor operated valves to facilitate remote control of the crude and condensate flows