Kinder Morgan – CO2 Plant Increase & Expansion

Kinder Morgan CO2 Company is the leading U.S. transporter and marketer of carbon dioxide for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR). A key asset, the SACROC Unit located in West Texas, is one of the largest oilfields and one of the oldest operating Captura de carbon and injection projects in the U.S.

At the time of this project the SACROC Unit processed over 620 MMSCF/d of gas for CO2 capture and injection while recovering over 30,000 bbl/d of oil and 15,000 bbl/d of NGL liquids. Currently the SACROC Unit processes nearly 1 BSCF/d of gas for CO2 capture and injection. Kinder Morgan desired to maximize production and thus requested Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd. to carryout the following two projects:

Capacity Increase Project

  • Identified an additional 90 MMSCF/d capacity with minor equipment modifications
  • The primary scope involved process review, simulation, major equipment rating and cost estimation for modifications for inlet separation, dehydration, filtration, chilling/separation, booster compression, gas and liquid amine treating, NGL recovery and condensate stabilization

Expansion Project

  • Prepared the FEED for a 240 MMSCF/d expansion train for CO2 capture, injection and liquids recovery.
  • The primary scope involved design basis memorandum generation, engineering process design, capital cost estimation and data sheet package development for inlet separation, dehydration, filtration, refrigeration, liquids separation, heating and water-cooling
  • The secondary scope involved to varying degrees process review, cost estimation and data sheet package for modifications of all affected downstream processes such as molecular sieves, amine systems, NGL recovery, condensate stabilization and Puraspec