Gear Energy – Inyección de polímeros Wildmere

Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd. (GLE) provided design, engineering, procurement, and regulatory support for a polymer injection package as part of a polymer injection pilot program located near Lloydminster, Alberta. Facilities included:

  • New freshwater wells drilled to supply water for the polymer injection process (supplied by others)
  • Modifications to two (2) injection wells (5-80 m³/d flow rate)
  • Two (2) new polymer injection pipelines
  • Polymer Injection Package
    • One (1) booster pump
    • One (1) oxygen scavenger pump
    • Two (2) water filters
    • A dry polymer preparation system which includes 2 hoppers, and inline conveyor, and a volumetric feeder
    • Gantry crane with extension outside the skid
    • One (1) polymer slicing unit (PSU) which includes a magnetic basket filter
    • One (1) tank assembly that includes 3 mixing tanks and 1 application tank
    • Two (2) polymer metering pumps
  • Injection pump building
    • A nitrogen generation system
    • One (1) air compressor c/w receiver and dryer
    • One (1) static mixer
    • MCC and control panel
    • Two (2) high pressure polymer injection pumps
  • 750 bbl water storage tank c/w tank berm
  • Polymer storage building
  • Laboratory