Recursos EOG – Waskada

Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd. (GLE) provided the process, mechanical and civil & structural design, and construction support for a 10 MMSCF/d sour gas plant located in Southwest Manitoba to process solution gas from two oil batteries. GLE also provided regulatory support to secure a license to process 20MMSCF/d. Project design features included:

  • Electric booster compressor at one of the oil batteries.
  • 3-stage inlet / sales gas compressor. Sales gas discharge pressure 1200 psi.
  • 10 MMSCF/d Amine Sweetening Unit with a turn-down ratio of 5:1.
  • 5 MMSCF/d Refrigeration Unit with a turn-down ratio of 2:1.
  • Two natural gas liquids (NGL) bullets and two 400 US gpm loading pumps for trucks
  • Utilities: Fuel gas system, flare system, heat medium, hydrocarbon and produced water drain systems with storage and instrument air system with two screw compressors