Energía de la tripulación – Wilder

Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd. (GLE) provided EPCM services, and regulatory support for Crew Energy to expand its existing Wilder Gas Plant, located in northeast British Columbia. The facility was originally designed to have two (2) 60 MMSCF/d trains to process raw sweet gas and associated condensate and produced water volumes, for a total of 120 MMSCF/d. GLE provided EPCM services for Train 2.

The base plan for the expansion project was to duplicate the Train 1 design as originally conceptualized during Phase 1. This plan was modified to account for changes in composition for Phase II (Train 2), change in receipt point of the gas to TCPL and the addition of a condensate stabilizer. Equipment installed for Train 2 included:

  • One (1) 10’ x 60’ 3-Phase Inlet Separator Package
  • 2 x 50% capacity three-stage Ariel compressor packages KBZ/6 driven by Caterpillar G3616A4 natural gas engines. The packages are designed to handle sour gas up to 2% H2S.
  • One (1) Gas Chilling Unit
  • One (1) Condensate Stabilizer Package, including the repurposing existing Inlet Separator into Condensate Stabilizer Feed Drum
  • One (1) 2000 bbl Produced Water Storage Tank
  • One (1) 2000 bbl Condensate Storage Tank
  • One (1) 60,100 US Gallon LPG Storage Bullet
  • Retrofit (2) VRU Packages
  • One (1) LPG Injection Pump c/w Charge Pump
  • One (1) Condensate pump c/w booster pump
  • One (1) 10.6 MMBtu/h Heat Medium Package
  • Two (2) Lube Oil Coalescer filter packages, one on sales and one on inter-stage
  • One (1) Sales Gas Metering Building
  • One (1) 1060 US Gallon Dry Air Receiver
  • One (1) 100 bbl Split Bulk / Waste Oil tank for the generators
  • Repurposing existing Existing Slug Catcher to Crash Dump Vessel
  • Containment area expansion for storage tanks
  • Containment area expansion for LPG storage bullet
  • Full in-house EI&C Engineering