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CO₂ Processing & Sequestration

Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd. (GLE) is an industry leader in CO2 recovery, purification, processing, and sequestration. GLE was the first engineering firm to routinely carry out CO2 and H2S sequestration projects in Canada, extracting these acid gases from natural gas streams as a waste product and injecting them into geological formations for storage. Since the first of these projects in 1995, GLE has now carried out more CO2 and H2S sequestration projects than any other firm on earth, and have completed some of the largest to date in Canada and the USA. Our experience includes the complete execution of over 40 sequestration projects in their entirety, and over 150 projects where GLE was providing process support, training, design services, fabricator support, government funding application support, regulatory, or troubleshooting.

GLE has been instrumental in the global advancement of CO2 compression and dehydration technology to dramatically improve the longevity of CO2 pipelines and sequestration wells. We have been one of the principal developers of the design methodologies and system designs that have enabled carbon steel pipeline materials in many applications. GLE has experienced specialists on staff for all aspects of CO2 projects, including solvent-based carbon capture technology, compression, dehydration, pipelines to the sequestration wells, and interfacing with the reservoir engineers and geologists to reach practical objectives for surface injection pressure and reservoir life. This experience also led to the development of a new dehydration process called DexPro™, which is the lowest cost dehydration process available for CO2. DexPro™ is now used globally in both enhanced oil recovery (EOR) and CO2 pipeline operations.

GLE is actively working on numerous Carbon Capture facilities in Canada and the United States, as well as a large CO2 Pipeline.

GLE’s comprehensive capabilities includes:

  • Carbon Capture Engineering
  • Carbon Capture Technology Selection Studies
  • Carbon Capture Process Support
  • CO2 Capture, Injection, Disposal, or Sequestration (Amine Based and Alternatives)
  • CO2 Compression Facilities (including Integrally Geared Centrifugal Compressors)
  • CO2 Dehydration
  • CO2 Dispersion Modeling
  • CO2 Distillation and Purification
  • CO2 Pipeline Design
  • CO2 Pumping Facilities
  • CO2 Storage
  • CO2 Thermodynamics
  • CO2 Truck-in / Truck-out Terminals
  • CO2 Grant Applications Support
  • Emissions Reductions
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Using CO2
  • Ethanol Facility Carbon Capture
  • Metallurgy Requirements for CO2 / Water Acid Forming Systems
  • Operational Support & Troubleshooting
  • Post Combustion Carbon Capture
  • Removal of CO2 from Natural Gas
  • Removal of CO2 from Flue Gas
  • Supercritical CO2 Equipment Specifications

GLE Map of CO2 Sequestration and Related Projects 

Calgary Engineering Services - EPCM (Engineering Procurement, Construction Management). Gas, Oil, Carbon Reduction, Hydrogen, Power. Process, Mechanical, Civil.

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